"Come for the food. Stay for the family."


Hillel at the University of Tennessee Knoxville inspires students to explore and embrace Jewish life.



Students develop identities that encompass Jewish life, learning, and values.



תיקון עולם – Tikun Olam - Repair of the World

We embrace and cultivate our Volunteer spirit.



הכנסת אורחים - Hakhnasat Orchim – Hospitality

We welcome and respect all wishing to be engaged at our home away from home.



קהילה - Kehillah – Community

We build relationships with other Jews, our University, and the broader community.



מנהיגות – Manhigut – Leadership

We motivate and cultivate teamwork and relationships.



שִׂמְחָה – Simcha - Joy

We promote well-being, celebration, and friendship in everyday life.